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What is an Ology? - Variologies Explained


Hi everyone. Dan Calcagno here. Welcome to Variologies!

Variologies is the name I came up with for my ministry, as I produce written, video, and audio content about theology, philosophy, and politics.

You can hear the suffix “ology” in Variologies, right?

Let’s talk about “ology” for a minute.

The English suffix “ology” (or sometimes just “logy” — “law-gee”) means “the study or science of a particular subject.”

This suffix comes from the Greek word “logia,” which means “sayings, words, discourses.”

The Greek word “logia” comes from the word “logos” which is the singular form, meaning “word, saying, discourse.”

So, the suffix “ology” is combined with another word

 in many words to concisely refer to a study of a certain subject.

For example, the word “theology” is a combination of the Greek word for “God” (“theos”) and “ology.” So, the word “theology” means the study of God.

I’m very much interested in theology and the various “ologies” related to it.

I’m also interested in philosophy and politics, and the various “ologies” related to those areas.

And so, my ministry’s name is “variologies,” since we will be covering a wide variety of topics related to theology, philosophy, and politics.

Variologies is a made-up word that is made up of the prefix “vari” — meaning various — and “ologies” — meaning areas of study.

And, for each video, podcast, social media post, and the written content that I will make, I will try to identify the “ology” associated with the topic, so we can know what area of study we are engaging in, and hopefully be inspired to learn more about that topic.

Thanks for watching!

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