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My name is Dan Calcagno, and I’m a Christian pastor and student of the Bible who is endeavouring to create videos, podcasts, and written content about theology, philosophy, and politics.


“Variologies” is a word I came up with as name for my ministry, creating written, audio, and video content about various areas of topics of interest to me. This compound word is made up of “vari,” referring to variety, with “ologies,” denoting areas of study. It encapsulates my diverse range of interests, particularly within the realms of theology, philosophy, and politics. Also, as someone who copes with ADHD, this word is also a slightly humorous attempt to convey that I find myself constantly drawn to different topics and interests.


I was raised as a Pentecostal Christian, with my dad in particular being very passionate about faith and reading the Bible. However, it wasn’t until l I reached adulthood that I began to take my own faith seriously. Beginning in 2004, I embarked on my own spiritual journey, and it was at this point that I truly began to question and explore the faith I had been raised in. I delved into new perspectives and discovered the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.


From 2007 to 2014, I hosted a small-group Bible study and fellowship every Friday night. We patterned our night after the Jewish Friday-night Sabbath table experience with traditional liturgical prayers, Bible study, fellowship, and sharing a meal together. It was during this time that I started a website ( in the hopes that fellow believers would search with the terms “messianic” and “niagara,” and that we could find one another.


Around 2010, after hearing Bible teacher Anthony Buzzard in a debate, I discovered the doctrines of Biblical Unitarianism and Conditional Immortality. This led by to look up which denomination Buzzard was a part of, and I discovered the Church of God General Conference (COGGC). 

In 2011, I enrolled at Tyndale University in Toronto to begin working on a BA in Biblical Studies and Theology. In 2014, I transferred to and began taking courses through Atlanta Bible College, which is affiliated with the COGGC.

In 2014, I was privileged to become the pastor of my local COGGC church, Glad Tidings Church of God in Fonthill. 

From exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity to delving into topics like Preterism, Radical Reformation, Libertarianism, Austrian Economics, and American Republicanism, I'm passionate about sparking meaningful conversations and encouraging others to seek truth with an open heart and mind.

My journey into ministry has been shaped by a deep love for studying the Bible and a commitment to understanding it in ways that challenge tradition and resonate with logic.


In my personal life, I'm blessed to be married to my wife Sarah. Our two boys, Timothy and Jonathan, bring us joy and inspiration every day.

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