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A person’s beliefs are based upon a variety of factors, a mix of nature and nurture. I believe that a person’s beliefs should malleable as one continues to learn more, rethink their assumptions, and comes to new (tentative) conclusions. As a result of this belief, you will notice the following phrases, which reflect the fact that there some things I am more certain about than others: “I’m certain,” “I’m convinced,” “I’m persuaded,” “I’m unsure,” “I deny,” “I understand,” etc.


Please visit this page often, as I will be updating it regularly. The newest parts will be indicated.


Last updated: 04/07/2024


Often I will visit a person’s or church’s website and I would love a simple list of some of their basic beliefs about various topics relevant to a Christian. So, even though this page is more so about my beliefs about all kinds of things, I wanted to be clear about what I currently believe in terms of the basics of the Christian faith, as well as a other few beliefs.

I believe...

  • God is only one person, revealed in Scripture as the Father.

  • The Holy Spirit is a way to refer to the activity and power of God.

  • Jesus is the Messiah, and is the truest revelation of God.

  • The Bible was written by human beings, but was inspired by God.

  • Jesus is the source of salvation since he was authorized by God to proclaim the gospel (repentance) and humbly served as the example of righteousness (the cross).

  • Jesus was raised from the dead to live eternally, and is now ruling on God’s behalf.

  • Newly committed followers of Jesus should engage in the ritual of baptism (full immersion in water) in order to demonstrate their commitment to Jesus.

  • God’s Law (the Torah) has not been abolished, but many aspects were fulfilled and rendered obsolete with the destruction of the Temple in 70AD.

  • Every person should obey the commandments of God that apply to them in their context.

  • Human beings are mortal, and can only gain immortality (eternal life) through Jesus.

  • The Church is not a replacement of Israel, but a way to refer to Jesus’ community made up of the righteous remnant within Israel and the righteous from among the nations.

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